Friday, June 15, 2012

Elegant chocolate and pink ribbon and roses cake

Made my first dummy cake last weekend. The top tier is styrofoam, not cake. Don't worry, the bottom tier is delish banana cake. It was just for fun. Not really any different from covering a real cake. Just buy a styrofoam dummy cake from your local decorating store, brush with sugar syrup to make the surface damp, or water -  whatever. Then cover with rolled fondant and decorate as usual.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Moist and Delicious Vanilla Layer Cake

The smell of freshly baked vanilla cake is simply divine. Over the last week I have baked 3 different vanilla cake recipes and this is the clear winner in my books. Sourced from the amazing Bakerella, it has fantastic flavour, tender crumb and is still just as moist 2 days after baking, which is great for a scratch cake.

Paired with a sweet American buttercream it makes for a yummy birthday cake, perfect for my sister's cocktail celebration this weekend. And after all the cake I've had over the last 7 days, I most certainly still had a slice at the party. I have a cake addiction with no intention of quitting just yet!

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