Sunday, September 7, 2014

It's a Fake Louis Vuitton Handbag Cake

I love this cake I made for a 30th birthday celebration for a gorgeous lady. Adapted from the Louis Vuitton Speedy handbag design, with some alterations.

I made the cake by cutting up a 10 inch square torted chocolate cake into 3 sections, 2 10x4inch rectangles and a thin 10x2 inch rectangle. I then stacked the pieces with ganache as glue and carved the top to make it more rounded. After ganaching it smooth, on went the chocolate fondant in 3 sections. Where has chocolate fondant been all this time? It tastes so good and isn't as sweet.

I used this amazing Louis Vuitton stencil and airbrushed with edible gold to create the classic LV pattern. The handles were made using 6mm plastic tubing covered with fondant and stuck into the cake with straws.

For the phone and credit cards, I used edible images. I located pictures which I edited into an A4 size and ordered the custom print from EdibleImagePrinting. The high heel shoe was made with gumpaste and was started a week prior to allow for the heel and sole to dry completely. I decorated it with a pink bow and diamante decoration and finished with some airbrushed lustre.

A few people at the party thought the handbag was real (which was lovely to hear) and the kids just wanted to eat the credit cards, phone and gumpaste shoe. Kids will eat anything if it's a novelty!

Handbag cake - Not Quite Nigella and Planet Cake
Gumpaste high heel shoe - Pink Cake Box and CakeStories

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