Friday, August 10, 2012

Tea Party Bridal Shower Cake

Cup of tea anyone?
Well, no tea in this cake...but a cup of tea would go nicely with a slice.

I have wanted to do a crazy tea party cake for a while, and this was the result of a request for a bridal shower last weekend.

Not knowing where to start, I did what I always do and made a list. Then I drew a rough sketch of what I was envisaging in my mind. That part really helps. The picture was beside me for most of the decorating!

Turquoise, lilac, pink and a big splash of gold finished off the colour scheme that whimsical and pretty thoughts inspired. Then what better flavour for an elegant tea party than my yummy white chocolate and raspberry mud cake. With cake in the teapot and cake in the two teacups covered in "tea" coloured ganache, there is enough to share around at a party.

 The cups were all made using fondant with tylose added and moulded into teacups dusted with cornflour. Then allow them to dry for a couple of days. This tutorial and this were both very helpful. The spout and handles are also shaped ahead of time and toothpicks inserted before they dry. The fun part is decorating with edible gold paint.

It looks a little topsy-turvy, but it is all held together through the middle with a sturdy wooden dowel firmly secured to the cake board. I really like the effect of the pattern I made in the cake board.

To complete the whimsical stack of "china", I added a sprinkling of fantasy flowers and of course a lilac and gold butterfly with vermicelli noodle antennae. Of course!

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  1. Oh my goodness! I squealed when I saw this! Not just because I have that teacup :D Gorgeous work Angela! :D



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