Monday, October 10, 2011

The Greek and Italian Experience

This was my most memorable Greek meal. I enjoyed it in Athens on a 39°C day in August after a  morning spent exploring the Acropolis and the New Acropolis museum. In the full sun. At 2pm in the afternoon, we were starving and disgustingly hot. We found refuge at a decidedly Greek looking restaurant under an awning trying to locate the faintest wisp of a breeze. The breeze wasn't quite there but the food was satisfying.

 This was my appetizer of eggplant croquet, dolmade coated in cream sauce and a zucchini ball. The eggplant croquet won out in both taste and texture. Boy, don't the Europeans know how to prepare eggplant. Soft,  melt in your mouth and seasoned perfectly. My main was moussaka, delicious, but extremely difficult to photograph capturing the beauty of...brown!

Ahhh Italy. The home of primo, secondo, and why not add in an antipasto or dolce course as well. One afternoon after a 2 hour leisurely walk along the Cinque Terre (5 villages), we stopped for lunch in Monterrosso at a restaurant simply because the sign said they had homemade pasta.  I was so delighted when this was placed in front of me. It is a basil gnocchi with fresh salmon, tomato and arugula lettuce. the gnocchi was soft and the accompanying flavours went fantastically with it.

This was a strong flavoured gorgonzola and balsamic gnocchi. I found it soft and delicious but with a very strong flavour so admittedly not for everyone.

The dolce after my gnocchi was this Tiramisu topped with fresh berries and presented in a beautiful glass, perfect after the rich gnocchi. I did enjoy having dessert so frequently.

Canals, bridges and alleys are what exploring Venice is all about. What a cute little vegetable shop making use of the space in the canals. Most produce is not grown in Venice, so it must be brought in from outside, by boat of course.

This is the last of my foreign cuisine food pictures to share with you, and I am already back into the cake baking and decorating, so watch out!

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  1. I love that produce store on the boat! And the food looks wonderful and very colourful too :) I'd love to visit Venice one day :)



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