Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wedding Cupcake Trial

Weddings. I love weddings. I'm at that age where my friends are starting to get married and I enjoy being there to celebrate it with them and shed a little happy tear at the ceremony and speeches. Now that I am newly engaged, I have entered the circle of married or to be married. And I like it. I can now freely talk about weddings in public, read wedding magazines and attend wedding expos without the slightest turn of a head.

Next month I have the greatest pleasure of baking and decorating a friend's wedding cupcake tower. I am nervous, but excited. Yes, you might have guessed, this is my FIRST EVER wedding cake/cupcakes. The bride is going to look absolutely stunning, and I am hopeful that my cakes will measure up the same way.

The bride has chosen a few different cupcake flavours for the guests to enjoy, and I thought it ideal to let her tastebuds test them out before the day to make sure they are up to wedding standard. These cupcakes were made to test out the different flavours, as well as to decide on which frosting or icing to use and how to finish them off (i.e. frosting swirl or fondant). I cannot reveal the verdict, it will have to wait until after the wedding. However I do promise to try and get a good photo to post on my blog.

Despite feeling a little under the weather from an excellent Saturday evening, the beautiful sunny Queensland Sunday beckoned for me to get up and bake. I baked 3 cupcake recipes and made 3 different icing types, just managed to squeeze in a lunch out with friends, made it home to do a little cupcake decorating before zipping over to the bride's a mere one hour late. whew. Not too bad really, but I had no time to take photos, and forgot to take my camera with me to the trial. Luckily, I had leftovers at home, and these were decorated, photographed and taken into work for morning tea.

The white embossed fondant cupcakes turned out really pretty in my opinion, and I really enjoyed playing around with my new clear stamps to emboss designs on fondant discs.


  1. Well done Angela! I can't wait to find out which ones she chose :)

  2. They look amazing :-) Well Done!



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