Friday, December 16, 2011

Cute As Birthday Cakes

Now that we're well into the silly season, my next post will be Christmas themed, I promise. But for today I wanted to share with you some last minute cakes I whipped up last weekend for the mother-in-laws birthday. Mothers are special creatures and as such must be appreciated and their birthdays celebrated with cake. The idea of someone not having cake on their birthday is just appalling to me.

So with little time to spare, and thankful that I always have frozen raspberries and ganache in the freezer, I made up a quarter recipe of white chocolate and raspberry cupcakes. The only change I made this time was I chopped the raspberries up and mixed them through the batter with the other ingredients, making the cakes a light pink colour. This version is very cute, and received the tick of approval from the birthday girl. Job well done!



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