Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Frangipani Wedding Cupcake Tower

On a beautiful tropical Saturday afternoon just over a week ago, a friend of mine tied the knot in the Whitsundays. It was a fantastic location for such a lovely ceremony which included their 2 gorgeous girls in formalising their commitment to each other. The bride looked amazing in her white dress and just a tad nervous as she walked down the aisle to her awaiting beau. 

I was delighted to have the opportunity to make the wedding cupcake tower as a gift, and the theme was white and yellow frangipani's to match the bouquets. How tropical and elegant is that! After the cupcake trial in October the bride went with the flavours of chocolate, white chocolate and raspberry, and caramel mud. The cupcakes were all baked in brown cupcake cases and decorated with a rose swirl of white chocolate buttercream (based on this recipe). They were then topped off with handmade mini sugar frangipanis. I am hoping to post a tutorial on how to make these cute little flowers shortly, so watch this space!

The top 6 inch cutting cake is chocolate mud cake covered with ganache and pure white fondant. The base is decorated with brown and yellow ribbon to match the cases and frangipanis, and the top is adorned with a mound of small and larger frangipani flowers. All in all, I was very happy with how the cupcake tower looked when setup in the reception room, it looked fantastic. Also, I would like to thank my helpers on the day, you really made that rush to put it together a whole lot easier.


  1. Wow Angela I am SO IMPRESSED!!!- Nyssa B

  2. They're stunning and frangipanes are just perfect for a Whitsundays wedding! :) You did such a superb job with the cupcakes and I love that there were different flavours!

  3. These are beautiful! and sound delicious!! you should continue making wedding cakes!

  4. Wow these cakes are amazing! Are you charging money for them? You should! Fantastic

  5. Angela (Cravin Cake)January 10, 2012 at 11:29 PM

    Thankyou for all the kind comments:):):)



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